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How to Get New Lead Notifications (with UTMs) on Slack using Google Tag Manager


Step 1: Enable Form Variables in GTM. 

In GTM go to variables, select Configure, and select all the form variables, it should look like this: 

Then in the "Triggers" section create a FormSubmit trigger

Step 2: Capture UTM parameters 

In the Variables section scroll down to "User-defined variables" and create a URL variable for each UTM 

It should like this at the end: 

Step 3: Capture form data 

Depending on the lead form fields, you will have to create a custom variable for each. 

For example, if you only capture the email then create a new Custom JavaScript variable and add this code: 

function() {

  var email = document.querySelector("input[name='email']").value;

  return email;


Step 4: Enable the Slack tag from Measure School. 

Go to Tags and then look for the Slack Notification tag in the community template gallery

Here is a video about how to setup the tag

Final Step: Create the Slack message and Publish! 

Remember to write {{variable name}}  in the Slack message

Publish and test!